About this course

The course includes 10 sessions from TeachingEnglish Starting Teaching in addition to observations of experienced British Council teachers and a language awareness session. The course will be delivered in a way that provides teachers with an opportunity to experience the Communicative Approach and try out activities they can use in their own classrooms.

What is The Communicative Language Teaching Essentials? 

This is a short introductory course for those who have no experience of English language teaching or those who would like to learn how to teach English using the Communicative Approach. You will learn about practical ideas and resources for teaching English to different age groups. You will also develop your understanding of learners of English and the principles of English language teaching.

Who is TheCommunicative Language Teaching Essentials for?

The Basics of Communicative Language Teaching course is for those who have no experience or qualification in English language teaching, but are interested in starting to teach English or those who would like to learn how to teach English using the Communicative Approach. This may include:

  •  students and graduates who are intending to become English language assistants 
  • practising teachers who are interested in developing their teaching skills and   learning more about the Communicative Approach
  •  inexperienced volunteer teachers of English
  • those who would like a short course to learn about English language teaching, before taking a recognised certificate course or initial qualification like the CELTA course.

How is The Communicative Language Teaching Essentials course structured?

The course consists of the TeachingEnglish Starting Teaching ten face-to-face workshops in addition to a language awareness session and an observation of an experienced British Council Teacher. The sessions are about 3 hours long. 

The course covers the following topics:

1- The learner

2- A language lesson

3-  Managing the language classroom

4- Helping learners to speak

5- Resources for teenagers

6-  Learning to listen

7- Working with words

8-  Teaching tenses

9- Using texts

10- Planning a lesson

11. Trying it out.

Each workshop gives you the chance to discuss your ideas, observe teachers on video and try out the activities that English teachers use. You will explore all the main areas of English language teaching in a short course.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from the British Council. 

More Information

What are the benefits of Communicative Language Teaching Essentials?

  • learn the basics of teaching English communicatively in a short course
  •  build confidence as a teacher
  • learn some tricks of the trade
  •  improve your own language awareness 
  • get information to help you decide if this is a career for you and if you want to take a recognised English teaching qualification or training course 
  • observe experienced British Council teachers 
  • get some advice from CELTA trainers on how to prepare for the CELTA course 

How to apply

Am I eligible to apply?

You will take the British Council Placement Test. We accept a good B2 level of English on the Common European Framework. 

How do I apply? 

- Download the application form and fill it 

- Come to the British Council to submit the application and do a placement test

Enquires: teacher.training1@britishcouncil.org

Course dates and fees

The workshops will run from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm  every day except Friday and Saturday with a total number of 30 hours.  In addition to observations of British Council teachers. 

Course dates:

21 July - 1 August 2019

From 10.00 to 13.00 (Total 30 hours)

Course fees:

3700 LE