The health and safety of our employees and customers are our main priority during these extraordinary circumstances. After careful study, we decided to close all our offices in Egypt from March 20. The contact centre and our social media team are happy to receive your inquiries via email and on Facebook.

We are monitoring the situation closely and we will continue to take appropriate measures in line with the advice of the Egyptian health authorities. We wish you well and see you again at better times.

How will I continue my English classes if the centres are closed?

The British Council is fully aware of its role in these difficult times as a cultural educational organisation. Since our priority now is to maintain the educational level of our students, we have applied the online learning system to preserve your health and safety and so that you can complete your course and achieve the maximum benefit from our English courses until the situation improves and we are able to welcome you once again in our centres.

If you are a student who registered for the current term, you can watch the video below on how to use Zoom mobile app to attend online classes while you are safe and comfortable at home:

Our concern in the current period is to continually develop our courses and teaching methodologies to fit the nature of online courses. It is expected that we face many challenges in order to present online classes that are of the same quality compared to face-to-face courses in our classrooms, but this is what the current reality imposes, and so we accepted this challenge to complete our mission.

At the same time, we welcome our students' suggestions and we ask you to share your feedback with us so that we can achieve the best out of the current situation. If you are a student in the current term, make sure you check Edmodo app to know how to complete your lessons online, and we encourage you to send your suggestions and recommendations to your teacher who will be happy to help you throughout the process. For more information, call us at 19789.

 Do you have a child learning with us during the current term for Young Learners or Early Years?

During this disruptive time affecting the regular life of everyone throughout the world, we’re here to help you keep a sense of routine. Your child can continue their English language learning journey and make the same progress, with the same teachers, classmates, and materials online, with the British Council. We’ve adopted a slightly different approach to making sure your child gets the most out of their online learning experience. 

Through small classes and the ability for kids to still interact through collaborative work during the Breakout Sessions monitored by our teachers, in addition to adhering to strict child protection policies, your child will benefit and learn in a fun way.

You can rest assured that through a new combination of live online classes and interactive guided learning your child will:

  1. Learn English and so much more
  2. Build confidence that goes beyond language skills
  3. Learn with teachers who bring their enthusiasm and expertise to every lesson
  4. Continue learning through projects inspired by real-life topics, which develop their creativity and problem-solving skills
  5. Can be assessed more closely and given more support if needed; and
  6. Can access a wide range of extra resources, e.g. helpful grammar and vocabulary activities.

Are you thinking of ways to help your children with their English learning while having fun at home? Visit our free online resources that provide tips for parents whose children cannot go to school at the moment. 

For children from 4 to 6 years old, you can download Learning Time with Timmy apps here

For children from 6 to 12 years old click here

For young learners click here 

Stay safe.

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