Newton-Mosharafa Fund


The Newton-Mosharafa Fund is £20 million, five year science and innovation partnership between the UK and Egypt. 

The Fund brings together the British and Egyptian scientific research and innovation sectors to find joint solutions to the challenges facing Egypt in economic development and social welfare. Read the Newton Mosharafa Fund brief.

Through Newton-Mosharafa, we will:

  • build the skills and knowledge of British and Egyptian scientists through training and researcher mobility schemes; 
  • support British and Egyptian researchers to develop new innovations and partnerships in development areas; 
  • facilitate collaboration between universities and industry to ensure that new research can benefit all in society.

We support projects in five priority areas:

  • Sustainable water management 
  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable food production
  • Archaeology and cultural heritage
  • Affordable and inclusive healthcare

Funding opportunities under Newton-Mosharafa Fund

Researcher Connect

Communication Skills training opportunity that helps researchers better engage with national and international colleagues and communicate their research more effectively. Researcher Connect Workshops happens at an institutional level. Applicants apply for grants to organize workshops for their faculty members and peers. British Council will provide UK trainers to deliver the training in Egypt. 

Read more about this opportunity

PhD Programme

Call will reopen in 2017

The PhD Programme supports Egyptian researchers to do their PhD at UK Higher Education institutions. The programme covers all fees and living/travel expenses. The programme will support both general missions (full degree scholarships 3 - 4 years), as well as joint supervisions (for students to do research for a year at a UK university as part of their Egyptian PhD). Read more about this opportunity.

For a full list of requirements, eligibility criteria and instructions on applying, please see the detailed call documents and guide lines in English and in Arabic .

Institutional Links for cultural heritage

Grants to create joint research projects between UK and Egyptian institutions for up £300,000 per partnership in cultural heritage. This is a global call.

Unlike other Newton Mosharafa multi-sectoral call, this call only covers Archaeology and cultural heritage, partnership with Egyptian and UK academic and non-academics institutions are welcome (universities / research centers; museums and heritage sites; governmental and non-profit cultural heritage organizations).

Please note that this call is not in partnership with the Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF) and hence it is not co-funded; Egyptian applicants will need to provide evidence of matched funding contributions. These contributions can be in-kind or cash. 

 Read more about this opportunity.

Researcher Links Workshops

Grants to hold bilateral workshop between UK and Egyptian researchers to strengthen links for future collaboration, build research capacity and enhance career opportunities. This is a global call, please refer to Country specific guidelines ( Egypt) for additional eligibility criteria.

Call will be open next year.

Read more about this opportunity.

Leaders in Innovation Fellowships

Call will reopen in 2016

Funding to support Egyptian researchers learn how to commercialise their research outputs/ideas. Call will be open next year.

Read more about this opportunity.

Advanced Fellowships

Grants to partnerships for capacity building and research projects in social sciences and humanities.

Researcher Links Travel Grants

Grants to fund Egyptian researchers to spend 1-6 month short mobility visits to study, conduct research, or get training at British host institutions. This is a global call, please refer to Country specific guidelines ( Egypt) for additional eligibility criteria.

Call will be open next year.

Read more about this opportunity.


The Newton-Mosharafa Fund is subject to Official Development Assistance (ODA) criteria – Find out if you are eligible for ODA.

Newton-Mosharafa is part of the UK’s £375 million Newton Fund running in 15 countries. It is funded jointly by the UK and Egyptian Governments. The separate activities are managed by several partners including the British Embassy, British Council, British Academy and Royal Academy of Engineers in the UK, and the Science and Technology Development Fund and Cultural Affairs and Missions Department in Egypt.

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