Elizabeth White - Director, British Council Egypt

A welcome message from our new Country Director, Elizabeth White  

I am particularly proud to take on the position of Country Director during the British Council’s 80th anniversary.  Any momentous birthday is a time for reflection on how much we have achieved, what has stayed constant, and how much has changed. 

As the first woman director in British Council Egypt I’d like to think that I represent something of ‘what has changed’, and I hope to bring consistent and committed leadership and build on the experience of my predecessors. 

My first trip to Egypt was fifteen years ago, and since then I have hoped to return as director. The Egypt office of the British Council is one of our most important centres in a network that spans the world.

The British Council knew Egypt was an important country 80 years ago when we established one of our first offices here, and we continue to believe this today. 

Those who worked here 80 years ago would still recognise much of what we do, and the energy and commitment with which we do it. 

We remain strongly committed to fostering the exchange of knowledge and ideas for the mutual benefit of the UK and Egypt - through flagship programmes like the Newton-Mosharafa Fund, Active Citizens, Premier Skills and the Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies fund. 

All of our projects provide life-changing opportunities for young people in Egypt, instill a sense of community, a sense of international awareness, and a sense of personal responsibility. 

We will continue our work together to build long-lasting relationships, trust, understanding and respect between the people of the UK and Egypt.  

Elizabeth White 

Director British Council Egypt