We appreciate that this is a difficult time for students in Egypt who had intended to sit their UK qualifications exams this summer and were unable to, in what has been an already complicated and stressful year for everyone 

As you know, the British Council administers exams to schools in Egypt on behalf of Cambridge, OxfordAQA & Pearson (Edexcel).

However, we are Cambridge’s exam partner in Egypt, and we’ve been busy sending them your feedback, as well as feedback from students, teachers and schools to help them understand your concerns about the results, and the anxieties students are now facing. 

 As you might’ve heard, Cambridge recently released a statement that on Tuesday 18 August, they will announce what actions they will take.

in the meantime please Cambridge school students’ grades – June 2020 series page for additional information on the Cambridge statistical standardisation exercise to award grades to students 

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