Partners of the British Council
  • Our Commitment to Partner Countries

We believe in the value of cultural relations work in enhancing dialogue, combatting poverty and creating opportunities, bringing about mutual benefits connected to security, stability and prosperity.  

The British Council is an independent organisation with a deep-rooted understanding of Egyptian society, having been on the ground for over 80 years. 

Our work is predominantly designed and delivered by Egyptians for Egyptians. We hire local experts and our grant-funded work impacts Egyptians in all 27 governorates, focusing on skills development in education, art, sports and social enterprise.

The British Council has a long history with positive engagement with governments, private sector, NGOs and international institutions, and is specifically committed to social and economic development.

On a nation-wide level, the needs we fill are communicated by our local partners (such as Science and Technology Development Fund, Ministry of Education, Federation of Egyptian Industries, among many others), and are based on clear objectives.

  • Reach and Inclusion 

Sustainable community development through partnerships is at the core of our society work. The Egyptian government, agencies and NGOs benefit from our expansive reach, international network, and local contacts. Our objective is to deliver sustainable programmes to communities across Egypt, focusing on the inclusion of marginalized groups such as women and girls, people with disabilities, and children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

For example, our Premier Skills programme is including women and girls in football across Upper Egypt and Delta, as well as including the disabled into the game to help them integrate into society. 

Another successful project is our National Teacher Training Programme that has extended its reach to 27 governorates, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, to support English teacher training, impacting over 5 million students.

The social enterprise programme, Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies, partnered in 2019 with government and NGOs to unearth the challenges facing the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace. 

We work to ensure all Egyptians, and not just the privileged or gifted, acquire the knowledge and skills they need to become active citizens. 

  • Education Experts

The British Council is recognised as a world leader in English teaching, a core skill for the jobs of the future, given it is one of the top three languages spoken in the world. 

Our partners benefit from our experience in education, which expands across 100 countries.  Almost two million people around the world choose British Council to take their exams every year, because the integrity and quality of the examination process is of paramount importance to us.

In March 2020, our Schools Now conference took place in Egypt for the first time, attracting over 300 delegates from around the world to discuss the latest in teaching and learning. Considered a strategic networking opportunity for schools in our Partner Schools Global Network, our partners access best practices that prepare students for school, work, and ultimately for life.

  • Bridging the Skills Gap

In the Middle East, the British Council aims to equip young people with a wide set of enduring life skills that will help them thrive in life, work and society. We focus on skills that develop their creativity, critical thinking and collaboration, as well as resilience and leadership. 

Taqaddam, Arabic for ‘moving forward’, supports young people to transition into adulthood with the life skills they need to be more self-aware, connected and engaged global citizens. In partnership with HSBC, Taqaddam started in 2015 and moved on to half a dozen different Arab countries.  The programme specifically succeeded in influencing policy and changing the content and delivery of curricula across the region, impacting over 8,000 students in the region.


We are one of the UK’s largest charities. Our objectives span education, the arts, English and intercultural dialogue, and we like working with partners who share our goals. 

We are results and standards driven, following best practices in the donor community and channelling donor funds successfully to the right beneficiaries and projects that deliver sustainable impact in a diverse array of fields, such as social and creative enterprise, research development, skills development, gender equality, education and cultural progress. We are standards driven by best practices in the donor community

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