Recognising alumni who are active in initiating and contributing to innovative or creative new ideas, solutions or business opportunities that have growth potential.


Ahmed Abd-Elhamid

The University of Edinburgh

Elevating Egypt's innovation landscape, Ahmed, an alumnus of The University of Edinburgh, excels as an Innovation Program Manager at the Arab African International Bank. With a decade of entrepreneurial and corporate experience and a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, he merges entrepreneurship and tech with finance, revolutionizing banking solutions through open innovation models touching thousands of lives.


Mohamed Owais

University of Leeds

Mohamed is a highly skilled investment and finance professional specializing in consultancy. His mission is to empower people, particularly those with lower incomes and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to navigate the complexities of finances and enhance their decision-making capabilities. 

Mohamed joined USAID as a financial advisor for Egypt's Women's Economic and Social Empowerment program to empower 100,000 women through economic enrichment and financial inclusion. He designed a unique financial literacy program to address cultural and behavioural barriers to enhance beneficiaries' decision-making processes.


Sabrine Assem

University of Warwick

Sabrine Assem is the Founder and CEO of Untap, an innovation and talent discovery platform provider that empowers organizations to leverage open innovation and tap into a network of talented individuals for creative solutions. Untap assists in planning, launching, and managing various initiatives like hackathons, innovation challenges, and startup programs. Untap has served over 80 organizations supporting over 200,000 participants from over 160+ countries.

Sabrine previously worked as an entrepreneurship consultant at the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce. She founded SolverMine, an open innovation platform fostering crowd-sourced solutions for organizational challenges.