The British Council is pleased to announce the finalists for a prestigious award celebrating the outstanding achievements of the UK’s international alumni, with fourteen awards ceremonies taking place this year in Egypt, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey and the USA.  

They are selected by our panel of judges as best representatives for the impact of UK higher education in their chosen career path and the impact they have made for the development of Egypt.

We are proud of them!

Meet the finalists

Ayman Zohry

University of Sussex 

Social Impact Award

Dr Ayman is an expert on population and migration studies. He is the founding President of the Egyptian Society for Migration Studies, he is also an Adjunct Professor in the American University in Cairo and a Senior Lecturer at Cairo demographic Center. Dr. Ayman research work and advocacy on issues related to irregular migration of the Egyptian youth constitute a revival of migration studies in Egypt. 


Heba Kholeif (Winner)

University of Birmingham 

Social Impact Award

Heba's work had a ground breaking effect on the children, their families, and people with visual impairments. Her studies in the UK provided her with qualities and skills vital to confronting educational and social barriers surrounding persons with disabilities. She is now helping many associations for the blind in Egypt trying to promote the idea of establishing several early intervention units for children with multiple disabilities. 


Hiam Elgousi

University of Leeds 

University of Wolverhampton

Social Impact Award

In her current role as a national coordinator for HEYA Center, Dr Hiam facilitates and advocate for increasing women’s participation in the public sphere in Egypt, the Middle East and the North Africa region in order to ensure that women’s voices are heard. Her goal is to reach the poor and most marginalised women in the region,


Mohamed Afifi

Queen Margaret University 

Social Impact Award

Dr Mohamed is a regional reproductive health specialist in the UN. He manages health programmes in 15 Arab countries. Dr Afifi oversees a regional portfolio that includes the analysis of health policies, laws and the health workforce in more than 11 Arab countries. His studies in the UK taught him to view health as a social phenomenon, and understand the impact of social norms and traditions, and the political economy, on health.