26 scholarships for COP26  

GREAT Scholarships for a sustainable future are for students from Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey and Vietnam who want to study at a UK university for a one-year postgraduate course in a climate change-related subject. Each scholarship offers a minimum of £10,000 towards tuition fees. 

The scholarships are jointly funded by the British Council, the GREAT Britain Campaign, and participating UK higher education institutions. 

For the 2021-22 academic year there are postgraduate scholarships available at the following institutions: 

Who can apply? 

 You are eligible to apply if you: 

  •  are a passport holder from one of the following countries: Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey and Vietnam. 
  •  have an undergraduate degree that will enable you to gain entry onto a postgraduate programme at a UK university 
  •  can meet the academic and English language requirements of the UK university you apply to.  

 GREAT scholars should be:  

  •  motivated and academically able to follow and benefit from a UK postgraduate taught course 
  •  active in the field with work experience or with a proven interest in the proposed subject area 
  •  willing to share experiences, create content and capture perceptions of studying in the UK 
  •  comfortable acting as an ambassador for GREAT Scholarships for a sustainable future and a spokesperson about climate change   
  • willing to attend COP26 events upon invitation from the British Council  
  •  willing to speak to potential candidates about their experience of studying in the UK 

 How to apply  

  •  Visit the university website by clicking on the link above for more information and for the subjects available.  
  •  Apply for individual scholarships following the instructions on each universities’ scholarship webpages. 
  • The deadline to apply varies according to each institution. For details on individual institutions’ deadlines, please see the institution page. 
  •  Successful scholars will be informed by individual universities on the result of their applications. 
  •  Scholarship funding will be issued to successful scholars by individual universities after registration. 

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