Saturday, 15 June 2013

“We’ve got the whole world in our hands” isn’t only a nice song but an important message taken away by children and parents attending the HSBC Bank Egypt and British Council Kids Read family event that was held on Saturday 15 June at Dandy Mall, Cairo - Alexandria Desert Rd. The afternoon event included stories, arts and crafts activities to celebrate the World Environment Day, which is organized by the United Nations Environment Department every year in June with the aim of raising global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action.

Sponsored by HSBC Bank Egypt and developed by the British Council, the event focuses on the means of protecting animals and the environment and highlights the effect of global warming through  “Dear Greenpeace” story written by Simon James and “Whole World” by Corr & Penner.  The children were encouraged to think about how they could help the planet and to share their ideas on how they, and we, could help protect it.  The event finished with children making their own mobiles and collages from recycled materials.

Andrew Long, Deputy Chairman and CEO HSBC Bank Egypt, said: “I am pleased to witness the enthusiasm and commitment of our colleagues in HSBC Bank Egypt and their strong belief in the important role they play in Kids Read Programme. I believe that programmes such as Kids Read which promotes reading amongst the young will empower Egypt’s young generation and provide them with the knowledge and talents that will assist them to become future leaders.”

Neil Winston, English Project Manager, British Council Egypt, says: “This year the Kids Read project has expanded to schools outside Cairo and has taken the love of reading to children in communities that have perhaps not had such opportunities in the past. The four community events are also very important vehicles for encouraging children, along with their parents, to read for pleasure while exploring themes that touch us all, such as the environment.”

Kids Read currently works with children and teachers in 12 government primary schools in Egypt to encourage reading for pleasure at school and at home. Through their community programme, Kids Read hosts four events throughout the year to highlight important world issues and international days of celebration whilst encouraging reading for pleasure.  

During its first year, Kids Read programme was able to reach over 25,000 students, 300 teachers directly, and thousands of teachers indirectly in the Middle East and North Africa region. Building on this success, the programme aims to reach over 35,000 children across 11 countries in its second year.  


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