Sunday, 22 September 2013


In a world where it’s possible to buy something with the swipe of a credit card, withdraw money from an ATM in seconds and take out a loan at the click of a button, it’s becoming increasingly important to teach children about the value of money.

With that in mind, managing your money was the theme of the ‘Kids Read’ community event organized by HSBC and British Council Egypt on Saturday 21 September at Maktaba Misr al Gedida.  

“Educating children on money management can improve their knowledge about using money appropriately and can emphasize the importance of spending and saving.   Kids Read event 'Value for Money' and the books that HSBC Bank Egypt staff read for the kids provides the young generation with simple financial tips that will help them acquire basic financial literacy skills in an exciting and fun atmosphere, said Andrew Long, Deputy Chairman and CEO HSBC Bank Egypt.


Children and their parents took part in various activities to highlight the value of money. The family day included two popular children’s stories, ‘The Great Pet Sale’ by Mick Inkpen and ‘Master Money the Millionaire’ by Allan Ahlberg & André Amstutz.  Both stories encouraged the children to think about issues surrounding money, including choosing how to spend it, and whether it can really buy happiness. 

Mark Stephens, Director British Council Egypt, said: “What better way to foster a love of reading at an early age and to help young people learn about important subjects, in this case “the value of money”, which are important for both their own personal development and that of Egyptian society than through a partnership between the British Council, the world’s experts in English, and HSBC one of the financial world’s global players? The Kids Read programme has been in Egypt for the past two years and has involved over 3000 children directly and indirectly in that time. “

In addition to the stories, the event included some fun hands-on activities. The children designed their own bank notes, as well as created a money tree with ‘idea leaves’ – bringing together their suggestions for how money could be spent to help the world’s poor.

In the two years it’s been running, the British Council’s award-winning ‘Kids Read’ programme has reached 35,000 children directly and indirectly across the MENA region and in Pakistan, and it continues to grow in popularity.  Each event uses books to encourage children to think about important social issues.


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