The Holiday course is a fun-filled, project based course that is designed around fun stories, games and creative activities that will inspire your child, improve their language and build their confidence. Above all, it will give them the chance to use the English that they’ve been studying so hard to learn.

Kids learning with the world's English experts will:

  1. Have a more rewarding learning experience and get the most out of learning English in summer
  2. Improve their English reading, writing and listening skills with engaging, high-quality English courses designed and taught by experts
  3.  Have space to deepen their understanding of English and improve their grammar and vocabulary
  4. Develop leadership, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in a relaxed, safe environment where they can be themselves
  5. Work in teams or pairs to practise speaking, problem-solving and collaborating on projects with a focus on real-world topics like the natural world and the environment

Duration and Locations:

The duration of each holiday course is 30 hours over two weeks. 20 class hours plus 10 activity hours (for 7-17 Year olds only). Each class is 2 hours long plus 1 activity hour (for 7-17 Year olds only) and classes are held 5 times a week (Sunday to Thursday). Classes are held in our centres in Agouza, Heliopolis, CityStars, Winchester British International School, and Alexandria. For more information, click here

Course overview:


5100 EGP (4-6 years) 

5500 EGP (7-17 years)

Duration 2 weeks - Five classes per week (2 hours) and five activity hours per week (for 7-17 Years old only)
Age (on 1 September) 4-17 years

2024 Holiday Course schedule:

Term Start date End date
Holiday course 1 14 July 2024 24 July 2024
Holiday course 2 28 July 2024 8 August 2024
Holiday course 3 11 August 2024 22 August 2024

Placement test for new students – 200 EGP