our student stories

We can give you many reasons why you should study with the British Council, but we’ll let our former students do the talking:

Why British Council? Well, to me, it’s the best place to learn English. The teachers are really friendly and helpful and the courses really helped me to improve my English.

Ahmed Tarek, 25, architect



I work as a director in one of the biggest soft-commodity trading companies in Egypt and North Africa. My work relies on spoken and written correspondence with customers from different countries and travelling is also essential for the job. As a result I had to enhance my English skills and that's why I chose the British Council. They helped me a lot. My English is better after just three months. Thanks to my teachers who made every effort to guide and support me through my learning journey. My goal is to pass the IELTS, which will help me get my MBA.

Ahmed Elhami, 34, company director



‘Not only did I improve my English but I actually had loads of fun!

Ahmad Toubar, 19, student



‘I’m an engineer, but after my first lesson at the British Council I decided I wanted to be an English teacher because I saw the difference they make in people’s lives. I started in a pre-intermediate course and now I’m in the advanced level. I’m also working to get more professional experience so I can start working as a teacher one day!

Noor Al-Lamy, 26, teaching assistant



‘I’ve got many goals I want to achieve in my life. One of them is to work as a tour guide in Egypt. That means I need to know more languages and I really like learning English. I heard about the British Council from one of my friends, who told me that I’d get the most trusted certificate that will help me to find work, especially as a tour guide. When I came to the British Council I found the teachers were really great. They encouraged me and made me love learning English more and more.

Engy, 21, student