What is Edmodo?

  • Edmodo is an educational website that takes the ideas behind a social network and refines them to make a site appropriate for a teaching environment.
  • It is an integral part of our Adult Programme in Egypt alongside the classroom time and extra sessions and it is managed by British Council teachers and experts.
  • All Adult General and Conversation students are able to join Edmodo using a ‘group code’ supplied by their teacher.  These codes give students access to the group for their level (Ele 1,2,3 etc.)


How does it work?

  • We have 25 different groups – one for each level.  Students from across Egypt can join the group appropriate to their level.
  • These Edmodo groups are actively moderated by British Council teachers.
  • They will provide activities, links to resources and additional practice related to student’s courses.
  • They will also answer questions from students and respond to requests for information or extra practice.
  • Student’s classroom teachers can also use Edmodo to provide their students with material related to their specific class.
  • Educational materials include tests, writing practice (with feedback), listening (MP3 files) and video content.


How can students benefit?

  • They will receive extra practice and links to resources they can use to practice outside of the class.
  • They can see receive materials from classes they have missed through absence.
  • They can interact with other students and the British Council teacher moderating the group.


How can they access it?

Edmodo is available through their website or one of the smartphone Apps. Click here to download the App.