FameLab has a wide variety of national partners, without which the competition would not be possible.

The competition was introduced in Egypt in 2009 in support of the government’s efforts to advance science and to build a culture that understands and supports the positive role science plays in economic and social well-being. The competition is presented in Egypt by the British Council, and since 2017 our local partner has been the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology

By partnering with and supporting FameLab you will join a leading line up of organisations and individuals who appreciate and value the work that Famelab does and its influence across a wide area of science communication.

Partnering with FameLab means:

  • Access to a fantastic ‘alumni’ of some of the best young communicators in the country
  • Helping to make sure that science and engineering are promoted at the grassroots level
  • Contributing to the development of young talent
  • Leading the way for organisations and companies to recognise the value of public engagement

If you are interested in becoming associated with this exciting and world leading programme to identify, train and mentor tomorrow's science and engineering communicators, then please contact us.

Get involved with this fantastic competition and work with us to develop it to the next level!

 Our Partners

Academy of Scientific Research and Technology The Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT)

ASRT is a non-profit organisation affiliated to the Ministry of Scientific Research, established in 1971 by Presidential Decree No 2405 as the national authority responsible for science and technology in Egypt. In 1998, ASRT was reorganised by Presidential Decree No 377 that defined its mission, function and activities. ASRT adopts a comprehensive plan for developing Egyptian science and technology to support relevant national ministries and research institutions in creating an integrated system of scientific research together with increasing the number of trained scientists in Egypt, and giving science a leading role in the country's development and knowledge based economy. ASRT also promotes and encourages female and youth participation in science and technology and scientific leadership.

The Research, Development and Innovation Programme RDI

The Research, Development and Innovation Programme (RDI) is a programme for the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Programme funded by the European Commission. RDI was our local partner from 2009 to 2016. The RDI Programme is committed to strengthening the link between the research and development (R&D) sector and industry while enhancing the innovation and technology transfer culture.

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