FameLab talks never fail to inspire. Here's the list of contestants who won the national finals in previous years.

2021 – Eman Amer 2021 – Eman Amer

Eman is a dentist, writer and science communication enthusiast. She graduated dentistry in Mansoura University in 2018. She believes FameLab has been one of the two milestones in her personal experience, the other had been studying democracy and religious pluralism in the United States in 2017. She is currently pursuing a career in clinical dentistry while working on her dental postgraduate studies alongside her passion for writing and public speaking. 

Famelab winner 2020

2020 - Mahmoud Tareq Beshir

Mahmoud is an oncologist, undergoing his training as a resident. He was a Chevening scholar in 2017, completing his master’s degree in cancer science at the University of Glasgow, graduating with merit in November 2018 and receiving the Graduate Skills Award. He is currently continuing his studies for a second master’s degree in clinical oncology at Ain Shams University; as well as continuing his work in medicine. he is an avid volunteer, participating in numerous activities.

2019 - Nada El Sayed Ahmed

Nada is a PhD student in Microbiology where she studies how bacteria are fighting back against antibiotics. She is also a mother of two curious little kids who are keeping her busy searching for answers. In her spare time, she works as an Arabic voice-over actor.

2018 – Hossam Abdel Hay

Hossam is a quality control specialist in the National Organisation for Research and Control of Biologics. He was responsible for preparing the chemotherapy infusions for cancer patients, which gave him the chance to look closely at cancer. He believes that his ability to simplify science encouraged him to join FameLab. He is also an instructor on a clinical biochemistry programme through which he keeps practicing his main hobby…simplifying science

2017 - Yasmin Samir

Yasmine is a 21-year old student in her 3rd year at the zoology department of the Faculty of Science, Alexandria University. She is keen to spread academic and scientific knowledge to the young. To fulfill this passion, she worked as an academic committee member at the Model UN Security Council, which aimed to introduce political life to people from 12 to 16 years old. She also participated in ‘Science festivity’ to show school students different scientific experiments. 



2015 - Dina Mohammad Elmaghraby

Dina is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University and holds an MA degree in the field of immunology. Currently, Diana is studying for her MD and is an Associate Researcher at the National Research Centre. She worked as a Teaching Assistant at Misr International University for two years and during that time she was awarded the Best Teaching Assistant, twice! She is a mother of two and loves reading, travelling, solving crosswords and cooking.


2016 - Dina Ayman

Dina is a 4th year student of Biotechnology at Cairo University. She feels blessed to work as a demonstrator in the biotechnology programme. She is a member of research teams working on "Water treatment using chitosan nanoparticles", "Cytotoxic effect of new compounds on human tumor cell lines as monolayer and 3D mode" , and "Nutritional Genomics" projects. Dina is a Science Director at Computeck International Company anda trainer at The Arabic Society of Stem Cells and Molecular Biology. 

2014 - Ahmed Badr

Ahmed was born in 1994 in Cairo. He graduated 1st in his class from the Modern Education British School. Currently, Ahmed is studying at Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine, and he is in the top 30 successful students in the class. Ahmed is a member of the Ain Shams Student Scientific Society, he plays basketball for the Heliopolis U20 team, and he also has a spot on the sports committee in the Faculty of Medicine.

2013 - Rana Mokhles

Rana is a medical student at Cairo University and she is the first female winner of the FameLab Egypt competition! Science isn’t only her profession, but also her hobby. Rana is an optimist, she dreams big and she believes that one day, in the near future, she will be part of the scientific revolution in the country. She planns to spend as much time as she can to remind herself and others that there is always something incredible out there waiting to be discovered.

2012 - Ramy Kotb

Ramy, originally from Qatar, moved to Egypt after finishing high school.  He studied electric power and automatic control at Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering. He was a fourth year student when he won the national competition in 2012. Ramy always had passion for physics, and the fact that it is at the core of every useful thing in our lives, including electricity, inspired him to be an electric engineer. Ramy wants to show people a new way to look at science.