Practise your English over breakfast!

In 2012 the producers of Temmy’s cereals, Mass Food Group, agreed to run a promotion on the back of six of their top-selling products. Now each pack features one of our educational activities, alongside a link to LearnEnglish Kids, our website designed to help children improve their English. 

This project increases awareness of the free English materials we have available and provides Temmy’s with high-quality, learner-centred content.

‘At Temmy’s, we believe that working together with the British Council reflects our own way of thinking in terms of offering opportunity to our customers.  Not only do we try to provide tasty and healthy food, but we also care about people’s continuous improvement and development and through providing high quality English content for children, we are giving something very useful to our consumers.  There’s a mutual benefit for both Temmy’s and the British Council here and this is what real partnership is about.’  Tamer El-Bahay, Vice President, Mass Food Group.

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