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Before the post-revolution parliamentary elections in 2011, we supported the creation of Aswat Masriya  in Arabic and English. These websites provide news and information as part of a Thomson Reuters Foundation initiative to enhance democracy by strengthening the media in Egypt. 

With the help of a programme of courses for journalists, the sites provide independent, balanced and accurate news during this critical phase in Egypt’s history, and will have a key role in promoting a stable democracy. 

"The British Council in Cairo was the first organisation to back our Egyptian media development project, Aswat Masriya. Thanks to their support we were able to establish an English language version of the news service, which covers politics, the economy and women's rights. We have no doubt that the British Council's name and reputation was hugely important in the ongoing success of our project and in attracting further investment."

Jo Weir, Programme Director for the Thomson Reuters Foundation

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