Head and neck surgery- dohns

What does DO-HNS stand for?

DO-HNS stands for Diploma of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. Established in April 2008 as an intercollegiate exam, it is awarded by The Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Aimed at doctors intending to join an Otolaryngology department in a trainee or non-consultant capacity, it tests:

  • knowledge
  • clinical and communication skills
  • professional attributes.

What does the DO-HNS exam involve? 

The exam is comprised of:

  • a multiple-choice question (MCQ) paper consisting of true/false questions and extended matching (a form of multiple choice which tests diagnostic reasoning). Candidates have two hours to complete the paper.
  • an objective-structured clinical exam (OSCE), in which you will be expected to examine patients. You must have been awarded a pass in the MCQ before sitting the OSCE.


Am I eligible to take the exam?

  • If you’re an overseas candidate you must hold a primary medical qualification that is acceptable to the Councils of the four Colleges: England, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Ireland. Check the World Health Organisation’s list of medical schools to see if your medical degree is acceptable. 
  • You must have completed six months’ full-time ear, nose and throat (ENT) clinical work, or an equivalent length of time in a part-time position achieved within four years.

How do I apply for DO-HNS?

You need to apply online through the Royal College of Surgeons website.

How do I register for Part 1 of the DO-HNS diploma?

To apply online, you must first register for an account. You will need to set a password and access the account area.

When applying for any examination candidates must read and accept the relevant regulations available from each examination's page.

Candidates applying for the first time online will have 14 days after the closing date to submit the necessary supporting documents to accompany their application. Candidates who fail to submit the documents within this time will not be entered for the examination. Online applications open approximately one month before the deadline.


Where can I sit the exam?

You can sit the DO-HNS exam in Cairo and Alexandria. 

When can I sit the DO-HNS multiple-choice question exam?

Exam Date Registration dates and deadlines Fee
16 April 2018 2 February 2018 £572
3 September 2018 22 June 2018 £572

How do I postpone my exam or get a refund?

Any cancellation or withdrawal of application must be done in writing. The candidate will be refunded the fee with 20% administrative charge deducted provided that the withdrawal is received before the closing date of the examination.

Candidates who withdraw from the examination after the closing date, or who fail to attend the examination, will not normally be entitled to any fee refund. Refunds will only be granted under exceptional circumstances, such as on medical or compassionate grounds. Requests for transfer of fees must be accompanied by a supporting letter from the candidate’s general medical practitioner, postgraduate dental dean or a local tutor in order to be considered. The supporting material must also explain the reasons why the fees cannot be deferred.

Failure to comply with the regulations, or failure to meet the eligibility requirements, will not be considered sufficient grounds for a refund.


Do you organise exams for people with disabilities?

We do our best to cater for any special needs. We will do all we can to help you understand test questions and ways of giving answers. You will be assessed fairly and objectively irrespective of disability.

If you require special arrangements please get in touch at least three months before submitting your application. Relevant supporting materials such as medical certificates should be submitted during registration. 

Where can I find out more about this exam?

Visit the Royal College of Surgeons DO-HNS website to find out more about the exam. 

Or for more information about how to register in Egypt, contact us.

You can also contact us through our Facebook page.

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