"The CELTA course is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. One of the great things about this course is receiving feedback from your tutors and giving feedback to your colleagues; this enabled me to understand what makes a strong lesson and what I needed to work on to improve as a teacher. Another hugely beneficial aspect of the course is that you get to experience lessons both as a teacher and as a student; this helped me see things from a student’s perspective which in turn helped me when I was preparing my lessons."

Menna Kamhawi (July/August 2021)

 "Taking the CELTA course at the British Council has positively impacted my way of teaching. I was introduced to a variety of teaching approaches and frameworks which I then applied in my classes with the support of experienced tutors. Thanks to their detailed and constructive feedback, I now teach differently and am more aware of my strength and areas for development."


 Abdelrahman Taha (Oct/Nov 2022)

"I gained a lot of knowledge about various teaching approaches while also having the opportunity to put them into practise in class, so it has been a very beneficial experience. The course has really expanded my understanding, and I would definitely recommend it for those who are starting their teaching careers."

Mohamed Emad (Oct/Nov 2022)

"The CELTA has been a life-altering experience. It's allowed me to explore my own abilities and competencies through experimentation and reflection. This experience enabled me to evolve not only professionally but also personally thanks to the guidance of my tutors."

Salma Boelnaga (Nov/Dec 2022)

"A long enjoyable journey where evolution is the destination."

Hadeer Hassan (Oct/Nov 2022)

"The feedback on my teaching provided by both tutors was very supportive - everything I did during my lesson was seen as a chance to learn and develop".

Fatma Khalid (Oct/Nov 2022)

"The CELTA course at the British Council in Cairo is a unique experience. It was beyond my expectations, as the knowledge, guidance, and support I received helped to build me up. I learned how to be more confident, professional, and systematic. Now, I am eager to proceed with my career and make a real difference in my students' lives."

Manar Magdy (Oct/Nov 2022)

"I was able to quickly absorb and implement the approaches and techniques taught in the course thanks to my tutors' continuous support. They never failed me when I needed them. Even when I didn't ask for help, they were there offering their invaluable assistance."

Amany Hussien (Oct/Nov 2022)

"Before I took the CELTA, I’d thought I wouldn’t learn more than what I knew, but I was very wrong. In 5 weeks, I learned about teaching English more than twice as much as I’d learned in 7 years. The CELTA course has refined and perfected my talents and skills in ways that I never imagined possible. I now can provide my students with highly effective lessons based on knowledge and factual information about the teaching process. This was absolutely the most enjoyable professional experience yet!"

 Ahmed Samir (Oct/Nov 2022)