'The methodologies introduced on the British Council’s CELTA course form the backbone of my teaching today. Since the course I’ve been continuing my professional development at work. I’m grateful for the opportunities completing the CELTA has given me. I now have the confidence to build on my skills as a teacher, and experiment with new techniques and activities in the classroom.' 

Feryal Said – April 2019

'Doing the CELTA course at the British Council in Cairo was so helpful. I believe that everything I know now is because of this experience. I am the teacher I am today thanks to the support I received during this course.' 

Eman Mahmoud – March 2019 

'The trainers at the British Council were very supportive and approachable. They were always so helpful in sharing their experience and knowledge and encouraged us to believe in ourselves.'

Iana Lozinskaia – November 2019

'The CELTA course at the British Council in Cairo enabled me to gain loads of new and efficient teaching techniques. Having seen the improvement in myself as a teacher, as well as in my students, I can undoubtedly say that it was well worth all the effort!'

Sanaa Ramona Nafez – November 2018

'You’ll find yourself on a journey of self-discovery which highlights your strengths and the challenges you face to develop professionally on every level.'

Mona Sadek – June 2019

'The CELTA course at the British Council in Cairo broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to endless learning preferences, methodologies and concepts. My tutors’ advice still echoes in the back of my mind whenever I plan a lesson! When in doubt, I always go back to what I learned during my CELTA days, and voila! I find clues, ideas, guidance -and ultimately – answers!

May Youssef – April 2019 

'I learnt huge amounts from the feedback on my lessons. Both tutors were extremely helpful and informative. I found the process of being observed and then getting detailed feedback massively beneficial.' 

Elias Monolias – November 2019