Portrait of Yasmina Maher with blurred background
Yasmina Maher, 2019

Every one of us has dreams, but only a few people have the willpower and dedication to see them through.

Yasmina Maher started her journey with the British Council as a young learner taking English courses at the British Council’s teaching centre in Agouza. She still recounts how it felt as a child to see the Famelab banners in the reception area: “Share Your Passion for Science with the World”. She decided then and there that one day she would join the competition.

Yasmina says that she is driven by a passion for learning, but, more importantly, by the love for her community, she strives to make a difference in all she does. 

After completing secondary school, she studied pharmacology, and later applied during her senior year to Famelab. She won the student prize and traveled to the UK to represent Egypt in the London International Youth Science Forum. 

"I waited for the right moment, and when I felt I was ready, I applied to the competition. My mission was to learn science communication to be able to serve my customers more effectively and educate them about their diseases and the medicines they consume."

Today, she applies what she learnt through FameLab in order to help her customers understand the science behind their medication and treatment better.

FameLab is a global competition to find and support the world's most talented new science communicators. Participants have three minutes to win over the judges and audience with a scientific talk that excels for its content, clarity and charisma.

Each year, the British Council runs national FameLab competitions in around 30 countries. The call is now open for the FameLab 2020 season.