Basma Mohamed

In Al Behera, we tried to communicate with people and clarify the main important points about saving water and how to preserve it throw many different new and creative ways in addition to distributing awareness flyers , discussing with them and trying to find solutions for their problems about water by making recommendations and listening to their recommendations.

Tawfik Hossny El Kabash

I learnt the meaning of civic engagement throw volunteering in Water drop initiative “ No2tit Mia”. I learnt about citizenship and coexistence and that the borders of my homeland are not only my home or my city or even my governorate. I learnt the meaning of the civil society and the community participation. I learnt to be a more positive and to always take the initiative not only a participant. 

We had the determination and the defiance to go to the streets and to deliver the message into creative ways to attract people to us and we have visited the schools, the public libraries, The areas that have a high living standards, the slums areas , mosques and churches to activate the principles of citizenship.

I  would love to talk about my experience with children while conducting awareness sessions to explain it to their parents. It is a great feeling when we find a child say “I will come back home to tell my mother how to use water efficiently”. I would like to say that participating in the initiative has helped me to change my personal behaviour sticking with me wherever I am.

We were able to deliver our message to 16 governorates that was participating in a training conducted by the ministry of youth to have workshops and to make awareness sessions about the usage of water and how to use it efficiently. We were surprised when our friends in Cairo told us that they started to make activities about the cause and to deliver the message of “No2tit Mia” initiative. 

Ghada Nabil

The day we always remember is the day that will always change us for the better and make us proud that we have learnt something new, One of these days in my life was “No2tit Mia” training.

I am speaking of my personal experience when I use to let the water sip for hour and it didn’t grab my attention as I was not aware that I am overusing it and I should use it efficiently but after the training and participating in “No2tit Mia” I have some flyers that I hanged them on the wall in my house to always remind me that there are people who are suffering to get some water and that the water is essential for life. I can use what is enough for me and it became like habit for me and my friends. I have changed to be a better person and I wish that I can affect people positively as “No2tit Mia” did it for me.

We started making campaigns in the streets to make the people aware of the importance of consuming water efficiently and preserving it and we found that the people have impressed about the idea and finding ways to apply it on shops and houses.

One of the situations that I saw during the campaign and impressed me personally was a primary school student called Mostafa. I met him during the campaign and I explained everything to him and the consequences of wasting the water. He told me after 2 days that he is convinced about the idea and he will present his own project about the cause in Alexandria and that invented a way to reuse water from the lavatory to the siphon to reuse this water.


When we started the initiative, I didn’t have the clear vision of the importance of water and its direct impact on the human being then I met a parent in Damnhour he told me sad story about his son who has kidney failure because of using contaminated water , I realized then the importance of the initiative and how conducting awareness for people about water and about the good practices of using it.