Science Stars Students’ Competition

Science Stars
Think, Inspire

As a part of British Council’s continuous support to its partner British Schools across Egypt, we are presenting Science Stars!

Science Stars is the first scientific competition offered to upper secondary students currently studying in one of British Council partner schools. This is an opportunity in which they can share their scientific ideas, learn presentation and communication skills, exchange experience, compete with many other students and win awards.

About the competition:

Science is a challenging topic for many people, so we are offering our brilliant students the chance to present their scientific idea in a simple and attractive 3-minute presentation to various types of audience and help them understand science better.

Participation Requirements:

  • Students have to be registered in one of the British Schools attached to the British Council
  • Students are currently studying in grades 9, 10, 11 or 12
  • Students have a passion for science and will present a scientific concept of his/her choice, the chosen topic must be on a given scientific theory.

Competition process:

  1. Registration: Students have to submit their application before the deadline through this link
  2. Mentoring: After screening the applications, successful students will have professional mentoring to assist them.
  3. Video submission: students shall submit a 3-minute video of their presentation without using any digital presentation program.
  4. Masterclass: After screening the presentation videos, successful students will attend the Masterclass, where they will have the opportunity to share, learn and network together and with a professional expert.
  5. Semi-Final competition: students will go through the first level competition and those successful will head to our final competition.
  6. Final competition on Thursday 20 February 2020.

The top ten finalists will compete together at the ceremony, with our influential jury and attendees, and win British Council awards. 

The Awards:

  • In cooperation with The British University in Egypt, the first three winners will attend a summer scientific internship in the university
  • Certificates of recognition to the winning students and schools
  • Winners will be presented at various public events

Registration opens on Monday 7 October 2019, and the deadline for submission is Saturday 30 November 2019.

Register through this link

For further information, contact us on