Check our community initiatives which focus on the 'Environment and Tourism' theme

Nile Awareness

This initiative aims at increasing young people’s awareness about the Nile and water conservation. The project will organise training workshops for young people to build their capacities on the issue of the Nile and water; later this will be cascaded to local communities in their villages and neighbourhoods on the right attitudes for water conservation. The project will also use competitions and outdoor activities as an attractive tool to spread their messages.


Our Paper

A recycling initiative based on the transformation of agricultural waste into paper products. Waste is typically dropped in canals or burned by farmers, which causes huge environmental and health violations. Initiative leaders made use of their scientific studies to make a low-cost recycling workshop. The volunteers collect waste products for free from the farmers and recycle them to produce paper. It's then sold, ensuring cost recovery and a margin of profit that is invested in the initiative.


Have goodness for breakfast

The initiative aims at promoting local development among people and increasing awareness of efforts in vulnerable heritage areas in Fayoum governorate.  This was done by organising visits and trips to these villages, through which young people could interact more closely with the local community. 


The Red Sea in Colours

The project involves renovating one of Al Qusair's historic streets (Al-Sakeefa) in order to return it to its former glory, turning the street into an open gallery for visitors, displaying 400 images showcasing the history of the old city. This will be combined with awareness raising campaigns focusing on how to maintain and preserve the renovated buildings that are of such cultural importance. The initiative is expected to finish by the end of 2016.


Join a social action project as a volunteer

We work with a network of partners around the world to deliver the Active Citizens programme. These organisations and their staff are powerful advocates for leading on community initiatives and community support.

Take a look at our delivery partners and see if you can volunteer or to help with one of their social action projects.