The British Council Egypt conducted a study on women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the country to look at women’s perception of their engagement and representation in STEM in Egypt. Through face to face interviews and focus groups, surveys, phone interviews and data gathered from national and international organisations, our research creates a picture of how the women, surveyed and spoken with, are engaged in and contributing to furthering scientific pursuit; as well as what factors have supported or hindered their overall participation. 

The research study unpacks and examines the multiple thresholds of women and girls in higher education and employment in STEM fields in Egypt.  

 The research central objective is to support the participation and progression of women in STEM professionals to help us in paving the way for young girls to take the STEM subjects and to continue their studies in the STEM Fields.  

In addition, the British Council Egypt conducted a survey in Cooperation with the Academy of Scientific research and technology (ASRT) on Women in STEM, you can have a full view of the outcomes of the survey and read more about the Women in STEM case study,  in the below documents: