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Fady Rezk is an Egyptian PhD candidate in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Institute of Perception Action and Behavior at the University of Edinburgh. His educational journey starts back in Cairo, while enrolled in British Council Partner School, Egypt British International School (EBIS), where he completed his IGSCEs in science, technology, and languages.

Shortly after graduating and finding himself on the path to picking a university, it was the years of having a British education that helped make the decision simple.

“I was drawn to the British education system's emphasis on independent learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving. This approach encouraged me to explore my interests, develop a deeper understanding of myself and others, and become more confident and resilient,” said Rezk. “Through their support and the guidance of many, I was able to apply and get offers from both the University of Bristol and the University of Sheffield.”

While still enrolled at Sheffield at the age of 20, and studying Control and Systems Engineering, Rezk spent a year working as a software student researcher at Sharp Life Science, based at Oxford Science Park.

Now, Rezk remains committed to his path on developing algorithms that enable machines to learn, essentially, how to learn. He is the co-founder of FastAutomate, an Egypt-based startup that builds the next generation of AI-driven professional assistants: digimates.

“The school community was instrumental in helping me discover and pursue my passions,” Rezk added. “I really appreciate the quality education my school offered. It just opened a wide array of privileges and opportunities that I was able to access later in life.”