Young man with a confident smile, dressed in a suit adorned with a burgundy tie.

Driven by his passion for helping others and commitment to excellence, Abu Zeinah made a permanent mark in the medical field – becoming a beacon of inspiration for those around him. His journey to becoming a doctor is nothing short of remarkable, marked by exceptional academic achievements, a commitment to research, and commitment to his patients’ wellbeing. 

Abu Zeinah’s academic journey began at The International School of Choueifat in Amman, Jordan, where he quickly established himself as one of the most driven and passionate students. His zeal towards his education led him to achieve a total of 14 Queen Rania Outstanding UK Learner Awards during his time in high school, including the top in the world award in A Level Mathematics, A-level Chemistry, and A-level Physics. 

Abu Zeinah credits his parents for emphasizing the importance of education early on and laying the foundation for the successful man he is today.

"My parents both work in the field of teaching and education, and I was fortunate to have loving and supportive parents who instilled in me the importance of learning and always encouraged me to do my best in school. Their guidance and viewpoints on life shaped my perspective, helping me realize that education can be a powerful tool that opens doors to valuable opportunities later on in life." 

Upon graduation, Abu Zeinah received a full scholarship to study Medicine at the University of Cambridge for the first three years. During his time at Cambridge, Abu Zeinah achieved multiple awards for high achievement in examinations. He received the Gold Medal Prize from the University of Cambridge for being the highest-scoring student in his medical school finals, a moment Abu Zeinah will forever cherish and continue to use as motivation today.

"This moment serves as a constant motivator in my present career as a doctor, where I am driven to remain committed in my medical practice and to go above and beyond when providing my patients with the care, they need so that I can create a lasting positive impact in their lives." 

Today, Abu Zeinah’s academic achievements, dedication to his profession, and passion for research and education serve as an inspiration to many. His research skills have led him to become involved in studies involving blood cancers and to be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, making a significant contribution to the field.