Young man standing on a breezy day in London, wearing a jacket and a scarf with hands in pockets. Background features the iconic Big Ben tower and a bustling promenade with people walking.

There is no shortage of icons across all industries in the Middle East. A notable example is Sir Magdy Yacoub, the veteran heart surgeon who’s become a household name for his accomplishments in cardiology and philanthropy. 

Dr. Yacoub’s long-ranging success and passion for helping others affected Dr. Amr Seddik, an alumnus of the British Council Partner School, Dr. Nermin Ismail School. From a young age, Seddik was deeply touched by Dr. Yacoub’s work and that inspiration was echoed by Seddik to help in achieving his goals. 

After high school, Seddik graduated from Ain Shams University's faculty of Medicine, where he is currently a resident Cardiothoracic surgeon at The Academic Institute of Heart Surgery. Most recently, he graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons of England in London, receiving his MRCS certificate with honours. 

One of Seddik’s core memories from school was that definitive day when Year 10’s grades were announced. Seeing a slew of A*’s be the culmination of years of work, his teachers’ support, and a great start to be on track to fulfil his dream. 

“The value of an effective education, the availability of an institution that provides a bedrock of knowledge, skills, guidance and values is indispensable for success in life,” said Seddik. “It is crucial for personal and professional development. I cannot credit my teachers enough for recognising my skills and honing them. This all led to having multiple doors being open for me, new opportunities, broadened perspectives, and helping me reach my full potential.” 

Seddik especially credits Dr. Magda Amin, his Biology IGCSE and A Level teacher, who played a crucial role in shaping his career path as a heart surgeon.

"She had a passion for the subject and was able to convey complex concepts in a way that was easy to understand and engaging. Her guidance and mentorship inspired me to pursue a career in medicine, and she taught me the importance of being passionate about what you do and going the extra mile to help others," said Seddik. 

As a consummate professional, Seddik is relentless in his pursuit of knowledge and is always striving to augment his skills and expertise. He is actively engaged in pursuing higher levels of education to build on the formidable foundation he laid during his formative years, as he continues to make remarkable contributions to the field of surgery.