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The Newton-Mosharafa Fund is £50 million, seven-year science and innovation partnership between the UK and Egypt. 

The Fund brings together the British and Egyptian scientific research and innovation sectors to find joint solutions to the challenges facing Egypt in economic development and social welfare. Read the Newton Mosharafa Fund brief.

Through Newton-Mosharafa, we will:

  • build the skills and knowledge of British and Egyptian scientists through training and researcher mobility schemes; 
  • support British and Egyptian researchers to develop new innovations and partnerships in development areas; 
  • facilitate collaboration between universities and industry to ensure that new research can benefit all in society.

We support projects in five priority areas:

  • Sustainable water management 
  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable food production
  • Archaeology and cultural heritage
  • Affordable and inclusive healthcare

Please note that each different Newton Mosharafa funding opportunity has its own specific priority themes, so please refer to each call guidelines to learn about the priority thematic areas.

Funding opportunities under Newton-Mosharafa Fund

PhD Programme - This opportunity has now closed, the information below is for reference only

The PhD Programme supports Egyptian researchers to do their PhD at UK Higher Education institutions. The programme covers all fees and living/travel expenses. The programme will support both general missions (full degree scholarships three years), as well as joint supervisions (for students to do research for a year at a UK university as part of their Egyptian PhD).

Newton Fund Impact Scheme - This opportunity has now closed, the information below is for reference only

The Newton Fund Impact Scheme is designed to provide previous and current Newton award holders with the opportunity to unlock further impact from their work in a way that strengthens the profile of the Fund. The intention is that Newton Fund Impact Scheme grants add tangible value to the investment already made by partner funders and the UK. Newton Fund Impact Scheme grants will be made available to recipients of Newton funding from any Newton Delivery Partner.

Grants can be up to a maximum £200,000 and duration is 2 years. Grants under the Newton Fund Impact Scheme allow project leaders to find new pathways to impact which can be realised within the former grant’s research and innovation area or under a different theme targeting other development-relevant stakeholders.

Newton Fund Impact Scheme FAQ

Find more about Newton Fund Impact Scheme

Institutional Links - This opportunity has now closed, the information below is for reference only

Grants to create joint research projects between UK and Egyptian institutions for up £300,000 per partnership.

For a full list of requirements, eligibility criteria and instructions on applying, please see the detailed guidelines and a full list of Eligible UK Research Organisations.

This round, two different applications need to be submitted, one on behalf of UK partner on the British Council website and one on behalf of the Egyptian partner on STDF’s website.

Prospective applicants from participating countries currently without UK collaborators should note that Universities UK International (UUKi) is offering match-making service to help connect Newton partner country researchers to potential UK partners. Applicants wishing to use this service should complete UUKi’s Partner Request Form. Their partnership request will also be included in UUKi’s Opportunities for Collaboration webpage.

Leaders in Innovation Fellowships - This opportunity has now closed, the information below is for reference only

Funding to support Egyptian researchers learn how to commercialise their research outputs/ideas.

Read more about this opportunity.

Advanced Fellowships - This opportunity has now closed, the information below is for reference only

Grants to partnerships for capacity building and research projects in social sciences and humanities.

 The Newton-Mosharafa Fund is subject to Official Development Assistance (ODA) criteria – Find out if you are eligible for ODA.

Newton-Mosharafa is part of the UK’s £735 million Newton Fund running in 17 countries , for more information about the global fund , please visit Newton’s Fund website .

In Egypt it is funded jointly by the UK and Egyptian Governments. The separate activities are managed by several partners including the British Council, British Academy and Royal Academy of Engineers in the UK, and the Science and Technology Development Fund and Cultural Affairs and Missions Department in Egypt.

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