Ibrahim Abou Al Wafa, Participant of workshop, Red Sea

‘My participation in the Active Citizens programme was turning point of change in my life. Through the training phase I turned to be from someone who is usually a participant in any Volunteerism activity to someone initiator has the confidence that doesn't wait reactions from others.

I learnt through the training is that it doesn't matter who you are, where do you come from as long as you work in a team and you will be able to make a change regarding your community regardless the available resources’.

Hicham, Participant of workshop, Ras Gharib 

‘Before the training my life was all about routine, working to get money to spend some time with my friends, sleep and wake up to work again.

Helping people for me was demonstrated in charity, After the training I knew many ways to first help myself to exploit my spare time in something useful for me and for other people surrounding me and Thought about giving back to the community am living in. I learnt how to start an effective dialogue and exchange culture, opinions and we agreed on the idea of getting engaged in our country by volunteering in any field to help the people and the country. I learnt how to build an idea, a team and a work plan that will benefit the community as a whole.

I learnt how to accept other people ideas and opinions; I learnt a lot about the team management and distribution of roles according to the possibilities and personal skills and time management in the implementation and monitoring’. 

 Ahmed an Active Citizens Participant, Dessya Village, Al Fayoum, Egypt

“I learned a lot of concepts on how to be an innovator, where I became an innovator in most of the social and political activities and I am now one of the youth parliament members running the elections to be the president of the youth parliament in the Fayoum government"   

Nourhan Farouk, Cairo, Egypt

 “As I participated in ISV 2016 in Bangladesh, I got an amazing experience that would help me benefit my community with more motivation and better vision. During the visit I learned about initiatives from different countries and how they are managing to tackle different problems in their communities. The most important point for me was the understanding of how local communities are more aware of their problems, opportunities and challenges. And as a part of an initiative that's working all over the country, I found out that I should direct my effort to make more people in my community participate in the initiatives in favor of helping our community in the light of understanding our most important needs”.