Programme overview 

The National Teacher Training Programme aims to improve the teaching and training practices and raise the level of English language and pedagogical ability of English primary teachers. It is a partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Education and will benefit up to 37,000 primary school teachers. The project is designed for  Ministry of Education Primary Stage (Grades 1-6) teachers, teacher educators, and the ministry of education Supervisors. It also aims to raise the level of English skills in maths and science teachers who use English as a language of instruction in both the governmental and the official language schools. This project will run until March 2020.

The National Teacher Training Programme will 

  • Support teachers to improve their English language skills 
  • Support teachers to develop their knowledge and skills of learning centred teaching techniques which they can apply in their classrooms
  • Build the capacity of a cadre of Teacher Educators who can lead on continuing professional development programmes for teachers. 

Model and implementation 

  • Following discussions with the government we will select and train approximately 600 Teacher Educators who will facilitate Teacher Activity Groups (TAGs) in their local educational districts. The TAGs will form a national network
  • The project aims at increasing Teacher Educators’ confidence and ability to deliver continuing professional development activities to teachers. 
  • Developing the capacity of approximately 33,000 government primary school English teachers and 4,000 Maths and Science teachers from official schools who use English as a medium of instruction. The project aims to support teachers to develop their English language and teaching skills and have access to ongoing professional development through a national system of Teacher Activity Groups (TAGs). 
  • Developing the capacity of 50 Ministry of Education leaders to plan the professional development of teachers based on needs and become enablers for teacher development initiatives for teachers in their schools and local districts. 

 Apply to be a teacher educator:

If you teach English in a government school or teach English/Maths or Science in an official school, this is your chance to be part of a new project by the British Council and the Ministry of Education in Egypt.

Selected Teacher Educators will receive training and support from British Council Egypt to lead on continuing professional development sessions for teachers in their local areas through a new concept called Teacher Activity Groups.

Deadline 27 August 2018, apply here.