Programme overview

Around the world, British education stands for quality and excellence. The English language creates career and educational opportunities for young people around the world, and supporting our partners in reaching their educational goals is one of our primary goals. 

The National Teacher Training Programme (NTTP) was designed for Ministry of Education Primary Stage (Grades 1-6) teachers, teacher educators, and the Ministry of Education supervisors with the purpose of improving their teaching and training practices and raising the level of the English language and pedagogical ability of the English Language teachers in governmental and official schools. 

It also aimed to raise the level of English skills in maths and science teachers who use English as a medium of instruction in both the governmental and the official language schools. 

The programme launched in 2017 in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Education. 

Our work with the Ministry of Education focused on developing inclusive education by

Providing access to 21st century skills and integrating technology in learning and teaching; driving student engagement; ensuring the curriculum is related to their environment and making their classroom experience relevant, useful and meaningful; empowering practitioners and giving them the incentive to change through continuous professional development systems for the sustainable development of teachers. 

The programme also works to achieve the Ministry of Education’s reform plan 2.0, and takes sustainable development goals into account, such as 'Quality Education and Partnerships to Achieve Goals' of the United Nations and 'Developing Professional and Technical Skills for Teachers' in Egypt as part of the country's 2030 plan. 

The National Teacher Training Programme (NTTP) has succeeded in training 22,0000 English primary teachers across 27 governorates. 


'I now have more positive thoughts and energy towards teaching and learning. I have the ability now to make my lesson more meaningful, memorable and enjoyable. The programme provides many different types of strategies and techniques that help me to be more productive and professional' - Ahmed El Khouly, English Teacher at Nabeeh Official School, Al Dakahleya 

'I really could touch and feel that a lot of teachers started to change their way of teaching to make teaching English more exciting, and now students can enjoy learnign English and use it in a better way' - Amany Farag, English Supervisor, Ministry of Education, Suez

The project increased Teacher Educators’ confidence and ability to deliver professional development activities to teachers. It also developed the capacity of dozens of Ministry of Education leaders based on needs to create enablers for teacher development initiatives in the future in schools and local district all over Egypt  

In a rapidly changing technological world, digital literacy is a primary objective of The National Teacher Training Programme (NTTP), to help students use technology in their own learning. In 2020, we successfully conducted online teacher trainings on how to deliver the curriculum digitally.

Our new large scale programmes in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Al-Azhar:

Teach. Engage. Aspire. (TEA) 2022 - 2025

Teach. Engage. Aspire or (TEA) for short is a capacity building programme in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Al-Azhar that is taking place across Egypt. The programme aims at developing the English language skills of teachers and teacher educators, raising their awareness of global and environmental issues and enabling them to embed best practices in their teaching.

We aim to bring about positive and sustainable improvements to the teaching, learning and assessment of English using evidence based, inclusive approaches and appropriate, context led educational technologies. This will be achieved by developing a cadre of Teacher Educators who will be trained and supported by the British Council to enable them to lead on CPD activities for teachers working in government schools across the country. The Teacher Educators will help set up and facilitate Teacher Activity Groups (TAGs) in their local districts. These TAGs are CPD sessions that teachers from the same district attend once a month. Each TAG will have around 30 teachers and it will be facilitated by a Teacher Educator. In the TAGs teachers will use British Council materials to help them practice their English and learn new teaching ideas and techniques which they can try in their lessons. The programme is serving around 10,000 teachers every year from both the Ministry of Education and Al-Azhar across Egypt. 

The objectives of TEA are:

  • build the teacher training and development capacity of Al-Azhar
  • support English teachers to develop their English language and teaching skills
  • improve teachers’ access to evidence based, quality face to face and digital teaching and learning resources
  • support teachers to form communities of practice through Teacher Activity Groups (TAGs) where teachers can practise and develop their English language skills and learn and share learner-centred teaching ideas and techniques to try in their lessons.

A teacher development curriculum tailored specifically for English teachers in Egypt will be used based on teachers’ expressed needs and feedback collected through focus group discussions. The curriculum will be blended (face to face and online) featuring the British Council global materials.