The Al-Azhar and British Council partnership started in 2007. The project was initiated at the request of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, then President of the University, to support Al-Azhar University in setting up an English language training centre for students of the Faculty of Islamic studies. 

Our partnership has evolved since the project started. Today our work together involves three strands:

  • supporting the Al-Azhar English Training Centre to provide quality English language lessons
  • building the capacity of Al-Azhar to support the professional development of their primary and secondary school teachers
  • managing a Masters and PhD UK-scholarship programme for Al-Azتar teachers and students with the British Embassy.

Each strand enables Al-Azhar students and scholars to confidently engage in interfaith and intercultural dialogue with people from other cultures and faiths from across the world.

Programme Highlights:

Al-Azhar English Training Centre (AAETC)

  • Over 1200 students have studied or are studying at the centre
  • Over 700 students have graduated 
  • 600 students currently studying in the AAETC centre
  • Students study for four years in the AAETC
  • On average students improve English language skills by two CEFR levels 
  • 73% of students graduate at B1 or above
  • All 32 teachers from AAETC have completed Teacher Knowledge Test

Al-Azhar Institutes - Schools Training Programme

  • 118 school teachers have received English language methodology training
  • Developing school leadership skills of Supervisors
  • Building skills of teachers to be peer mentors
  • Working together to develop innovative professional development systems for teachers

UK - Al Azhar Scholarships

  • Started in 2015
  • Set up by the Grand Imam and the British Ambassador for Egypt
  • Six Al Azhar scholars studying in the UK for Masters and PhD at top ranked UK university Theology and Religious Studies departments

Read more concerning the Al-Azhar Partnership Programme here.


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