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Upper Egyptian Women in Local Popular Councils

This social action project focuses on raising awareness about the importance of participation by women, as voters and candidates, in local popular council elections as a way of fighting corruption at the grassroots level. Seminars and home visits were organised, and a number of female candidates were identified and motivated to run for elections.  The next step is to raise awareness about the law and responsibilities of elected officials and executive bodies, clauses related to women.


Matruh Against Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment was identified by participants as a problem prohibiting women's mobility and participation.  Women were found to be harassed the most in public transportation.  As a result, the volunteers decided to target bus stations and gain the support of drivers for their anti-sexual harassment campaign. In collaboration with HarassMap they disseminated awareness messages about the forms and effects of harassment, as well as holding discussions with bus drivers to break the silence.

Disabled Women’s Right to Participate in Political Life

     Set of training sessions on elections, advocacy and sign language, and different political systems. The training was followed by a final conference with a keynote guest speaker and an open discussions with community beneficiaries.  This included discussions on profiling disabled people in Egypt, the importance of their role in the political life of the country and how they can promote themselves 

(Aswan, Cairo and Beheira, 2014).


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