Check our community initiatives which focus on the 'Youth civic engagement and education' theme

Free your will

This initiative uses coaching and mentoring sessions to develop teenagers by helping them to identify their dreams, fulfil their potential and  set a plan to achieve their dreams. The group is doing this through a workshop they designed themselves, which includes many interactive activities. The cost of this initiative costs is fully covered by the community. It has also involved creating partnerships with other community-based organisations which provided facilities and venues-Think Tank.


Connecting Volunteers

This initiative aims to promote volunteerism by creating an online hub to connect organisations with volunteers and guide young people towards volunteering opportunities. This website will charge organisations a registration fee and will also sell advertising space as an additional source of income. (Egypt – Think Tank).


Futures Team

This youth development initiative was established in Assiut University and is now delivered in other universities as well. The volunteers work to build the capacities of their fellow students by offering training, which includes soft skills, management, and business entrepreneurship in addition to Active Citizens.  They have  delivered 15 workshops in partnership with other training institutions. They provide their services at a discounted rate for  Assiut University.

Together for Interrelated Family

This initiative aims to help families in informal areas solve their own problems by raising family awareness and education, and showing how to accommodate other cultures, Together for Interrelated Family works closely with all family members, either through bilateral meetings or open sessions at mosques, churches and youth centres.

Einstein’s Planet

Initiative supporting children with learning difficulties through three stages. First diagnosing children with learning difficulties and setting up  an intervention plan with professional input. Secondly, raising parents’ awareness on how to deal with their children with learning difficulties. Finally, capacity building workshops for volunteers on how to deal with and assist children with learning difficulties. Assessment and intervention services are paid services.



An initiative that builds the capacities of young people in soft skills, citizenship, management skills, and planning. The volunteers established a student club to pilot this model in Alexandria and AlKosair, Red Sea governorate as remote communities with few opportunities. The initiative recovers all its costs; the volunteers succeeded in creating partnerships with training institutions that provide their services at a discounted rate. They also succeeded in getting support from universities.



This initiative provides various skills and capacity building activities for young people and is fully cost recovered. LOLtopia is designed with three strands that include: 

GoTOPia: which aims to enhance English language proficiency.

Geekotopia: a one month course aiming to enhance the basic knowledge of coding

Softopia : delivering presentations in an effective way , enhancing the communication skills of the participants through two weeks of classes and a final project 


Guide Me

Helping teenagers and young people development their skills in their schools and universities or through NGOs and youth centres. The initiative includes soft skills development, such as communication, presentation, negotiation, leadership, creative thinking and problem solving. They also build their capabilities in decision making and future planning through workshops and lectures. The cost of this initiative is fully recovered through community contributions and Menoufia University support. 

Egyptian Diplomat Project

An initiative aiming to prepare students to represent Egypt globally and be aware of local and global connections.  The initiative focuses on the concept of local engagement and global connectedness by building the skills and academic strengths of students; starting with soft skills on communication, leadership, negotiation, and mind mapping, then moving onto building knowledge of basic concepts of Egyptian foreign relations, international organisations and research skills.


Join a social action project as a volunteer

We work with a network of partners around the world to deliver the Active Citizens programme. These organisations and their staff are powerful advocates for leading on community initiatives and community support.

Take a look at our delivery partners and see if you can volunteer or to help with one of their social action projects.