Understanding IELTS is a free online course offered by the British Council in cooperation with Future Learn. The course aims to help candidates understand the IELTS test and know more about the techniques and skills needed when preparing for the IELTS test. 

This course takes you through each stage of the IELTS test — reading, writing, speaking and listening. At each stage there will be advice from our video tutor and a team of experienced IELTS educators. You will also be asked to share your experiences, tips and opinions with other learners.

By the end of the course, you will:

  1. be familiar with all parts of the IELTS test
  2. have some useful tips to help you achieve your IELTS goals
  3. understand how the IELTS test is assessed
  4. have an opportunity to have your written and spoken English assessed by other learners

Course dates are announced through our website and Facebook page.