Would you like to get some advice on how to reach the IELTS score you need and how to prepare for your test in the most efficient and effective way?

With expertise and knowledge in hand, our IELTS counsellors can give you the support and guidance you need during your one-to-one counselling session.

All you need is an internet connection and a phone number.

How much does it cost?

Upon booking your IELTS test with the British Council, you will get a discount on your full IELTS counselling journey + 30 hours of online preparation through the ‘Road to IELTS’ app.

Package 1:

IELTS Counselling Service fees 300 EGP*
IELTS exams fees 3680 EGP
Total  3980 EGP

Package 2:

IELTS Counselling Service fees 300 EGP*
IELTS exams fees 3680 EGP
IELTS Preparation Course (12 hours) 1760 EGP
Total 5740 EGP

*This price is only available in the case of booking an IELTS exam

What to expect from the British Council IELTS Counselling service?

  1. An English level check for all four skills, composed of:
  2.  An online English reading and listening diagnostic test
  3.  An online Writing diagnostic test 
  4. Speaking diagnostic test with a British Council teacher
  • Detailed feedback on your speaking test performance from a British Council teacher
  • A personalised tailor-made Learning Plan from your IELTS counsellor
  • 30-minute regular check-in calls with your personal counsellor to follow up on progress and provide additional information
  • Further assistance and guidance with your results collection.

How to register?

Simply sign up for one of our tailor-made consultations, by filling out the registration form on this page (on the side menu).

What will happen next?

After you sign up, expect to receive a call/email from the British Council IELTS team. They will help you finalise your payment process and schedule your first consultation with your counsellor.

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