Ahmed Saleh, an Egyptian musician, composer and sound artist, is our voice today. His new album: Ten-year-walk to shore will be released soon by Unexplained Sounds Group record label.

Alexandria is at risk of being submerged due to rising sea levels. And it wouldn't be the first time: a tsunami hit the city in 365 A.D., and old parts of Alexandria are already under the waters of the western port.

This piece is a journey through the sonic memory of Alexandria and the sea, the possibilities of merging both and experimenting with the harmonies they might produce, getting deeper into the artist's soul to discover his personal sonic memories, images and accumulations towards the city and the sea.

The merge, would they harmonise? Tussle? How would all the memories sound underwater?

This piece was created in an online residency hosted by Cryptic Glasgow, supported by the British Council and the PRS Foundation.