Meet Phoebe, a climate advocate who promotes meaningful youth inclusion in climate decision-making.

The daughter of a teacher, Phoebe, jokes that growing up, she spent more time in a classroom than at home. Today, she’s mobilising the next generation of resilient leaders, starting in schools: fighting to see climate change throughout the curriculum.

At COP26, she co-convened the first joint event of education and environment ministers, facilitating pledges from 25 countries, later helping to develop the UK’s pledge, the Department for Education’s Climate Strategy.

Phoebe is also a coordinator for the youth initiative Mock COP, where she gathered youth from 140 countries to negotiate COP-level policies, using this as a platform to demand youth inclusion in the conference.

Phoebe believes that each act is a step towards a better tomorrow, and for her:

A future where I can feel safe is one where I know how to take action