English for interfaith dialogue is a keystone programme in the long-standing partnership between the British Council and Al Azhar that dates back to 2007; where the British Council and Al Azhar university have been working cooperatively to achieve impactful educational programmes and academic scholarships, taking a robust approach to capability building for leadership and cultural exchange.

The vision of this ambitious programme is for all the beneficiaries and stakeholders of the project to achieve the ability to engage in interfaith dialogue and intercultural exchange with individuals and communities from different cultural and religious backgrounds through the medium of English. 

Thus, creating a safe space and a cultural exchange platform to address, inclusively and constructively, the challenges facing humanity as a whole and where interfaith dialogue around the climate and the care for the environment plays a key role. 

Through collaborative sessions on scriptural reasoning based on the reflection on religious texts from different faiths, the programme offers a platform to UK and Egyptian students to discuss the idea that caring for the environment is a common theme across faiths and that there is a constant interrelationship between divine provision and the proper human relationship to the environment.

Among Interfaith dialogue participants is Huda, a graduate of Shariaa and law English section at Al Azhar university, currently pursuing her master’s degree in public law focusing on Artificial Intelligence, that participated in a session of scriptural reasoning around environmental care and climate action with peers from different faiths and different universities from UK, Europe and North America.