Meet Ahmed Yassin, the cofounder and Chief Marketing strategist of Banlastic Egypt a social enterprise that works on banning single use plastic in Egypt and the MENA region. He is currently working as a solar ambassador for solar city co. in addition to being a part time Solar engineer in Egypt.

Ahmed’s passion for the climate started when he noticed a lot of plastic waste at sea in Alexandria and decided to act. His desire to make a difference in addition to his B.S.C of Electromechanical Engineering at Alexandria University enabled him to champion numerous initiatives for climate change.

He started three projects in 2020 and 2021 to safeguard Egypt's north shore from the effects of plastic pollution, conserve marine life, and present alternatives to the green transformation process. He also started the plastic pollution movement initiative in the Young Mediterranean Voices, a programme co-funded by the British Council, to create a plastic free zone for Mediterranean basin countries.

Ahmed established a new platform called SOLAREGY to bring together all factories in Alexandria and encourage them to use clean energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. He also launched a powerful Green Alliance that empowered several green NGOs and initiatives as a project director for the world bank’s PROBLUE project in Alexandria. He has been nominated the EU CLIMATE PACT ambassador for 2021-2023.

Ahmed is working extensively in the development field through various programmes that promote development and Sustainable development goals (SDGs). For Ahmed, COP27 is an opportunity to start and continue the conversation around the climate urgency.