Alessandro has always been attracted to the water world,

“Water is my element” he says, “I feel part of it and its fluidity attracts me also philosophically”.

After studying for his MA in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster in London, Alessandro spent most of his twenties as a photojournalist travelling to crisis areas to document the reality on the ground.

Those experiences affected his soul profoundly, and he decided to rebuild himself with his first love, the sea. He started putting together stories about the water world: they spank from sea acidification and underwater farming to marine reserves along the Italian coasts. Therefore, shining the light in the beauty of the marine life and the many underwater stories that make the Mediterranean Sea so special.

For Alessandro, concerns about the consequences of the climate change era that we are living in are already evident at present to the majority.

“We need to implement change,” he said, “The duality approach between economic growth and the environment sounds like a thing of the past. We should envision a new global attitude to inspire others to keep doing better and implement positivity in our daily life”.

As a photojournalist, Alessandro hopes to inspire people. He firmly believes that inspiration is much stronger than impositions, regulations and any policymaking, especially in a globalised market where customers play a crucial role via their choices.

Alessandro was a participant in one of the training workshops organised by the British Council to train young Journalists on solutions-based journalism for climate as part of The Climate Connection programme.