Amira’s dedication to the climate started years ago, when initiatives for protecting the environment bloomed in Egypt. She volunteered in many climate protection activities and committed to seeking information about the contributions she can make as an individual to reduce her waste daily.

By 2020, Amira grew a real passion for cultural heritage protection. She started gathering cultural stories from different governorates and sharing them with a wider public, as well as creating courses and workshops to introduce people to the art of handicrafts and ensure that those skills are preserved and widely spread. 

That’s how “Wessal” was born.  Amira was an Active Citizens Community Leader, a programme in partnership with ThinkTank for Development Solution in Egypt, then she developed her  own community initiative Wesal, where students can learn unique set of skills to pursue a career or business in handicrafts and contribute to the preservation of Egyptian heritage.

Amira is working on an upcoming launch of eco-friendly products as well as continuing her work to preserve and spread Egypt’s rich and diverse cultural stories. Hoping therefore to raise the profile of these remote areas and attract more tourists to these governates.