The story of Lamis began when she started studying for her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Architecture and Urbanism at the Ain Shams University in Cairo, her interest in subjects related to the environment grew, and she quickly realised how policies and projects of urban designers can impact the environment.

Lamis did multiple workshops and internships that made her more curious about the climate, so to learn more about this field and take another step towards finding concrete solutions, she applied for a scholarship to study MSc Environmental Futures with Climate Change. Thanks to her passion and determination, she was awarded with the great scholarship for Sustainable Futures from the British Council, as part of the climate connection program at the University of Essex in the UK.

Since then, she has participated in many climate response projects in our Art and Education programmes. One of them was a conference in Glasgow, which enabled her to discuss topics such as climate justice, green jobs, climate emergency, mitigation, and adaptation measures, as well as share her hopes and dreams for the future.

As Lamis said, "attending those debates and living in that specific moment made me eager to continue and learn more, to contribute to this change with an open mind and a heart full of hopes and beliefs."

This year, she will be joining the Egypt Delegate at COP27.

Now Lamis is focusing on how daily habits can damage the climate and aiming to raise awareness and change people’s behaviours.

For Lamis, changing our daily routines and habits can positively contribute to climate change.