On a cold winter day in January 2019, Samah travelled with her mother to attend an art lecture in the beautiful city of Mansoura.

Along the scenic road was a flowing river filled with all sorts of waste. A few meters downstream, the people from a riverside village filled their drinking water containers from that same spoiled river.

That scene made Samah Abdullah reflect on every drop of water she ever wasted. In fact, it made her reflect on the billions of litters of perfectly clean drinkable water that go to waste daily all over the world.

It had to stop.

Two months later, Samah fuelled by her newly found, but deep passion for water-saving, was participating in the Tatawwar programme that was piloted at the time by the British Council, HSBC and Potential.

Her idea, Water Money Saver, is now a full-fledged digital solution available for all households wishing to save water.

For Samah, bearing witness to the climate crisis without taking action is inconceivable. We should strive to be a part of the solution and act for the good of our whole community.

Tells us about the many ways you can be part of the solution through climate action.

Samah is also a graduate of our Taqqadam programme supported by HSBC as well as our DICE incubation programme in addition to being a TEDx speaker.