Today’s voice is Loai Muhamed, a 24 year old political science graduate who had a dream.

It all started when the seed of climate action was planted into the fertile soil of Loai’s passion for trees. Loai was always concerned by the absence of green from his scenery. He decided to take action. But as there were no gardens around, where would he start planting? Let’s find out how he came up with a solution! 

It all started through the Active Citizens programme with the British Council in partnership with Think Tank Development Solution, where Loai worked on his plan within our incubator. Very quickly, the initiative evolved into a fully-fledged project. Loai’s dream was coming true: The Shagarat Betna Project was born.

The Shagarat Betna Project is an environmental initiative whose primary goal is to raise environmental awareness for people in underprivileged areas. While enabling them financially by leveraging roof planting as an alternative to farming with one aim, "Economic empowerment for Women" in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

This project won the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects in the Giza Governorate start-up category and was chosen as the Ambassador of Green Projects in the same Governorate. But its most special recognition is that it has been fully embraced by the local communities it serves.

"I felt the sense of accomplishment when a woman involved in the project told me that she considers her plants like her children and waters them every morning before even preparing breakfast."