Pegah’s journey towards climate action has begun when she was 15. As she stood in the UK Parliament and defended the motion of climate crisis, it was in this process that she found her voice. But what was more difficult, she thinks, was that everyone saw the urgency but often could not see what her contribution could be. She studied and majored in environmental law because of this. 

Now, she is back to the decision-making arenas demanding a permanent table for young people while training them on a day-to-day basis about the climate crisis. 

Her work strives to represent the interests of young people to decision-making bodies, such as the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers. Pegah is also an advocacy coordinator at Youth and Environment Europe (YEE), the largest independent network of young environmental organizations in Europe whose goal is to mitigate the climate crisis.

Pegah has learned that everyone has a role to play to protect our climate, and it is never too late or too early to start, as she mentions: Let's begin with changing our behaviour and start talking to young people!