The British Council supports climate action in multiple ways across numerous programmes, grants, and partnerships, and each time, we can only marvel at the brilliance and the creativity of our programme participants and partners.

In light of COP27 in Sharm Sheikh, we chose to celebrate those projects and voices that carry some of the best contributions that are making a difference in climate action through arts and culture, education and the English language in Egypt and Beyond.

More than a showcase, this is an invitation for all of us to celebrate their achievements, and to take action, each at our own individual level and within our communities, to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Asmaa Rady Ahmed

Walking through the streets of Cairo at night, one can only marvel at the beauty of this bright and lively city. So bright that it requires levels of energy that often exceed the capacity of what can be generated. Being among the most sunlight-sufficient places on earth with an estimated annual 2,400 hours of solar operation, compared with maximum European figures of 1,900 in Spain and Greece, it’s only appropriate that Egypt starts experiencing the endless possibilities solar energy has to offer. 

Phoebe L.Hanson

Meet Phoebe, a climate advocate who promotes meaningful youth inclusion in climate decision-making. The daughter of a teacher, Phoebe, jokes that growing up, she spent more time in a classroom than at home. Today, she’s mobilising the next generation of resilient leaders, starting in schools: fighting to see climate change throughout the curriculum. At COP26, she co-convened the first joint event of education and environment ministers, facilitating pledges from 25 countries, later helping to develop the UK’s pledge, the Department for Education’s Climate Strategy.

Aya Tarif

The story of Aya began at a young age. Inspired by Dr Ahmed Zewail, a Noble prize winner and his achievements, her passion for science was ignited in the 4th grade and has grown ever since. Aya applied for the Newton Mosharafa program delivered by the British Council in 2016 and received a full PhD scholarship at the University of Sheffield in the UK. She successfully completed her PHD under the title of: Towards a greener approach in landfill leachate treatment using microalgae and plasma pre-treatment.

Pegah Moulana

Pegah’s journey towards climate action has begun when she was 15. As she stood in the UK Parliament and defended the motion of climate crisis, it was in this process that she found her voice. But what was more difficult, she thinks, was that everyone saw the urgency but often could not see what her contribution could be. She studied and majored in environmental law because of this.  Now, she is back to the decision-making arenas demanding a permanent table for young people while training them on a day-to-day basis about the climate crisis.