Meet Amr Ramadan, CEO of empower hub and a climate hero!

Amr started his journey with us as an active citizen participant and is currently a delivery partner for Youth Voices project. 

For Amr, climate action is a personal concern. Although the current climate crisis is of global proportions, its impact is not equally distributed. His native city of Alexandria might sadly become the next Atlantis in 40 years. 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) forecasts that by the end of this century, sea levels could be as much as 1.1 metres higher than they are today and severe flooding events will become a regular occurrence in low-lying cities.Unless we take action.

Starting 2015, Amr’s climate journey took him to Italy, then to New York, carrying with him the hopes of his community as the first of his family to achieve postgraduate studies.

But he was not alone. His community at empower hub , a youth-led social enterprise empowering the youth to study and volunteer, quickly rose above 25 000 supporters.

Ignited with that trust, Amr endeavoured to connect with even wider audiences, making climate action for them as it was, for him, a personal matter.

One road trip across all major universities in Egypt, several global programs, and 4 Ted Talks later, this community is now 100 000 people strong and getting stronger by the day.

For Amr, anybody who believes in their potential can make a difference. Saving humanity starts with each person taking action.

That is why he is grateful for all the organisations he partnered with and for the actions driven by the British Council to make all voices for climate heard.